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Surprisingly, most people, even those who have resided in the city of Karachi for their entire lives, are unaware of the existence of Roasters. Thus, when I suggest to dine at, or order from, Roasters, to receive the response, “Roasters? Where’s that?” has become quite normal. Therefore, I feel it my obligation and duty to introduce the individual to a burger they have been missing out on, which is one of the best burgers I have had in this Country to date!

The subsequent familiar question asked, after the one above is, “what’s the best thing to try at Roasters?” And for any of you who have partaken in their specialty, the unmistakable and undeniable reply is: the Burgers! Indeed, on the face of the menu, they may advertise themselves as ordinary burgers, however there is much more than expected once the plate lands on the table. There is a distinct and unambiguous reason people keep coming back for more!

It all began with (my regular) Western BBQ Beef Burger, which came with a side of coleslaw and French fries. I have tried numerous items off the menu, so much so that many people contact me inquiring not only with regards to the items on the menu, but also the overall judgment of flavour and suggestions. However, reviews of their other items shall be made when they are tried; for now, let us focus on the Western BBQ Beef Burger.

 Straightaway upon immediate observation of this burger (or any burger from the menu), an instantaneous occurs, “Wow! That is a huge burger!”, and rightly so. The burgers at Roasters are famous for their plentiful sizes which are far too much for one human to consume in a single sitting; to do so is equivalent to training for a marathon; you must practice, practice, practice! I, myself, have been ‘Training’ so that I may one day ‘cross the finish line’ and devour the entire burger, plus fries and coleslaw; however, that day has yet to come.

Sesame seeds delicately resting on the soft burger bun. The layers underneath are what catches the eye once cut down the center; a picturesque view of a multitude of elements. The crispy onion ‘straws’ which aren’t cooked too long so as to burn and turn bitter; they are lightly coated and fried until they are translucent and the natural sugar inside begins to slightly sweeten the rest so as to decrease the sharpness of the onion had it been raw. But that doesn’t mean that a large raw onion ring won’t be present in the burger; a burger just wouldn’t be a burger without onions, right? The onion performs its role perfectly above the beef patty for an element of crunch. Two beef strips which resemble bacon, but are halal and made purely of beef, layered side by side under the onion straws; stacked on top of an abundant serving of barbeque sauce to add tartness; with the ends of the strips visible on the outside of the burger which conceal the patty. Then you are greeted with a crunchy onion and crisp, fresh lettuce leaf, and slice of cheddar cheeses; which are all merely supporting the star of the show, the delectably prepared beef patty. And not a patty similar to those in a fast food chain where there is only a wafer-thin, compressed and processed slab of meat which is nothing but a sad excuse for a ‘beef patty’. The beef is tender, grilled all the way through, but not so much that it is left absent juices, leaving the patty dry. No, the patty remains moist and juicy, whilst breaking apart with every bite taken. No fear of it crumbling and falling apart in your hands. Everything nestled between the warm embrace of the burger bun that caught your eyes, which you traced, at the outset. However, it must be kept in mind that this burger is truly not for the faint of heart!

Finally, the coleslaw and fries, which have certainly been appetizing in the past, failed to live up to the ‘Roasters Standard’ on this occasion; specifically the fries, which were dreadfully insulting. Different from the fries presented by Roasters; they were flimsy, exceedingly soggy and mushy, and discolored to the extent that I decided to refrain from eating them in fear of health-related repercussions. Furthermore, there was more chaat masala on the fries than you would put on chana chaat during Ramadan! I failed to find any trace of salt, but found the unnecessarily overpowering chaat masala on every single darkened and faded French fry.

This may be a one-off event, or it may be the new Roasters’ fries, but I would highly recommend that you visit the Roasters at Zamzama for their exceptionally marvelous and lip-smacking Burgers, whether you prefer beef OR chicken, they will live up to their reputation! #Bon Appetit! #food #burgers #Karachi #Delicious #Eat&Tell #yum #Boasting #wantmore #FoodReview #foodie


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  1. Tigerspell
    Jun 17, 2015 @ 16:45:39

    Beautifully described 🙂

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