Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

❤ beautiful and fresh seafood at a Japanese Fish Market! =]


The fifth instalment of our (not-so) recent adventures in Japan.

May 15, 2015: The Tsukiji Fish Market is the real deal…a wholesale fish market that is one of the world’s largest. It handles about 2,000 tons of marine products each day. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Japanese people love their seafood. After all, they gave the world sushi and sashimi and love to stick seaweed in a wide assortment of dishes. I’m not complaining. It’s healthy and I love it! Well, most of it anyway.

The tuna auction is supposed to be something to see, but that starts at five in the morning. And since they only allow about 120 people to watch, you have to get there even earlier to join the queue. We gave that a miss.

We took the metro to the Tsukiji Shijo station tucked in a corner of town between the Sumida…

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